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I have three resources for you when it comes to learning how to use your new editable templates. I’ll share them below. But, before I do, I want to share what my journey looks like so far with using PLR templates and creating my own. 

A few years ago, I really wanted to create some medical trackers for my daughter. Actually, for me, to help track her medical stuff. She has special needs and requires, meds, injections, therapy and all kinds of other stuff. 

But, I didn’t really know how. I tried creating in Microsoft word and found that it didn’t do what I wanted or needed. So, I ended up hiring someone on Fiver. Sure, I could have (and did) buy some products from Etsy, but they weren’t ever quite what I wanted. 

Fast forward a year or two and one of the ladies I bought written private label rights content from started producing journals with private label rights. 

A Note: Private Label Rights (PLR) and Commercial Use Rights get used synonymously often. They mean pretty much the same thing as it regards this specific blog post. 

Edit Your PLR Templates

Before much longer, she had a course out about how to create your own journals and planners. She used Microsoft Powerpoint and it looked easy! At the time, I didn’t want to buy Powerpoint and it seemed pretty expensive. (I’ve since found less expensive versions.) So, I decided to see what I could do using Google Slides since I already used Google’s other suite of office products like Google Docs (their version of Word) and Sheets (their version of the Microsoft spreadsheet). 

I found that I could do nearly everything with Google Slides that Sue was teaching in her course. Sure, there were some minor differences, but the basics were there. It was like therapy for me! Art therapy. I was going to be an art teacher after high school but got pulled in other directions. 

This was a little over a year ago. It took quite a bit of practice. I used a lot of Sue’s templates to start with. Practiced editing hers. Adding my own new elements, graphics and colors. Pretty soon, I decided to open up my own shop. It was just retail. There were no reseller, PLR or commercial use rights then. But, as time went on, I decided that I really wanted to offer this to others also. 

Here’s why. 

Before all this, I earned my coaching certificate as a life coach. Quit rolling your eyes. It was legit. A year-long study with testing and coursework! So, I was viewing the opportunity to sell the templates to folks like I used to be – people who didn’t want to learn a new skill, or who didn’t have the time to create their own stuff to give to or sell to their customers. 

I imagined they would slap their logo on it, maybe their website name and be done with it. 

Then……….I found out about the low-content world of books. Things like journals and planners and notebooks being sold on Amazon by people just like us. These folks put up hundreds of low-content books a week by using pre-made templates like my Commercial Use Rights products. And there are people who teach how to do this too. 

If you are still with me, congrats on wading through that backstory. I’ll get to the point now. 

If you want to learn how to create templates, journals, worksheets, planners and even just pretty printables, Sue’s course is the best value. Tons of videos, some templates to practice with, a Facebook group or two that you can participate in, ask questions in and share your accomplishments in. I’ve shared several of my products in that group over the last year and it’s always awesome to get feedback. You do need Powerpoint if you want to follow along exactly with what she does. If you are willing to figure things out on your own by using her videos as guides and suggestions, then try using a free platform like Google Slides. 

Createful Journals Course

I can teach you a few things too. I have a free video or two that I can share with you of some of my own work inside Google Slides. I do not have a paid course, but am considering it. So, if you’d be interested in my making a course about using Google Drive to create you products in, then let me know. 

  1. Using Google Slides to edit powerpoint templates
  2. Editing another PLR journal to create my own version

One thing that Sue’s course doesn’t cover in depth is marketing your products after you get them created. She covers it a bit. But, that’s not the focus. 

That’s where Rebeccah shines. She has a course about turning your digital files into products that can be sold on Amazon. You load a digital file onto one of Amazon’s platforms and they turn it into a real – life, hard copy book (journal, planner, notebook). Someday, I’ll tackle this. 

But, even more than that, she teaches you even more about the marketing aspect which will help you no matter where you sell your products. Things like doing research into what niches are selling and which keywords shoppers are using to search for their purchases. Rebeccah also has a couple of Facebook groups where she gives extra live in-depth videos. Her group’s active with questions, people helping each other and Rebeccah offering much of her expertise and everyday experience. She actually does what she teaches – every day. 

Journal Tsunami Course

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